Rug Cleaning NYC

NYC’s premiere rug cleaning company 

Fine Oriental rugs are among the most cherished of rugs. Their beauty, history, character and value know few rivals. But, like other fine possessions, they need regular care to protect their appearance. We’re widely-acknowledged to provide the finest in rug cleaning in NYC. 

Proven Expert Cleaning for a Truly Clean Rug

Our cleaning experts gently remove dirt and stubborn stains to bring back the beauty of your rug. They also safeguard your rug against harm that use and exposure can cause. 
We begin our rug care with careful inspection by an expert rug technician.  We find stains, weakness and damage, and put together a cleaning treatment that’s right for your rug. 

We then service your rug in a facility where every step of the cleaning process is under our control. We use the most modern techniques, hardware and cleaning solutions to bring you the best results obtainable.   

We expertly clean silk, wool, and synthetic material Oriental rugs. We treat all yarns and fabrics independently to make sure your treasured rug receives the best clean possible. 

When you’re ready for the finest rug cleaning in NYC, call us.

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